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Your tax return may qualify for an extension of time to file.  IRS grants you the ability to extend the due date of your tax return but in most cases it is not an automatic extension, you must ask first. The following dates are good for these tax returns using a normal calendar year.  Fiscal year filers will have different dates.  Please make sure you know your requirements.

Filing an extension properly will give you the ability to file your tax return at a later date.  For personal tax returns such as the 1040, the extension is valid until October 15, 2024.  For most other returns including business (1065, 1120S) returns, the extension is valid until September 15, 2024.

A very important note however is that if you owe the IRS, you must pay the tax with the extension.  The extension gives you extra time to file your return but they want their money by the original due date of the tax return.  Not paying the tax can lead to severe penalties and interest.

For personal tax returns you will file form 4868, for most other tax returns, including businesses, use form 7004.  The extension form must be filed by the original due date of the tax return.  For more information on the process of extensions including forms, instructions and current requirements, go to our links pages and click on the IRS link or go to; IRS Form 4868